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At Bellbrook Family Practice our billing department is always available to answer any questions, or take care of any needs you may have. Call us at 937-848-4121. Need to pay your bill? No problem! We have several convenient options listed below too assist you.

1. You can call the office at 937-848-4121 and a medical receptionist would be happy to take the payment over the phone.

2. You can stop into the office anytime during normal business hours and we will be happy to take your payment.

3. You can click the Pay Now button below and submit your payment directly online.

Labcorp Billing

Have a question about a LabCorp related bill or service, please call LabCorp Billing at


Workers Compensation

We are not a provider for work related injuries. If you are injured on the job we suggest you alert your employer immediately and seek medical care through a workers compensation facility, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room. 

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